On diversity

morning thoughts… the beginning of a longer piece on Diversity, the Mass Hysteria

Society is becoming less tolerant of diversity. The modern conception has begun limiting the diversity of the world under the guise of solidarity. The term diversity is the new mask for liberal imperialism where, rather than people expanding to include those who are different they are contracting to exclude those who are different. The new diversity has reinforced a dichotomized relationship between those who are in and those who are out. The formula for inclusion is based on apparent attributes that represent marginalized individuals based on a particular value system and it includes the following: women, colored persons, persons of color, persons of the LBGTQQIA community, persons with disabilities, and their allies. Those who are members of this group are expected to support other members. For instance, a person identified as disabled is expected to support race relations and not engage in acts of racism. If such an individual engages in acts that are considered racist they are called on this behavior, sometimes considered bigoted and lectured about how they “should” not engage in behavior that oppresses other people because they understand what it is like to be discriminated against. However, this is not expanding diversity. Rather, it limits freedom. No longer is a person with a disability free to support or reject people or behaviors based on their beliefs, but rather are expected to believe, support, and uphold the behaviors and/or positions that are held by the majority within this protected group. To be identified as a member of this group is to be subjected, not only to the discrimination of the (straight, white, male, well-to-do, etc.,) who sit outside of the protected categories, but to also be subjected to the discrimination of the card-carrying members of the new diversity.

As a colored woman I find the new diversity discriminatory and absurd and yet we use this formula to educate, enforce global laws, and recreate a power structure similar to that of imperialism. This ideology suggests that the superiority of thought from one group is and should be held above all others. The use of force coupled with the ability and willingness to eliminate those who do not believe in the superiority of this group is at the root of both colonialism and the new diversity. Rather than use direct force we suggest a change of tactics under the illusion of inclusion. Criticizing capitalists who dominate the world using force, the new diversity reverts back to the method of intellectual seduction liken to that used during colonization. Similar to the way that values were spread by missionaries, the new diversity infiltrates the minds of the “oppressed”, suggesting that together we must stand and fight this shared enemy and in solidarity we will overcome the oppression. By liberating the marginalized persons under the guise of the new diversity the practices, beliefs, values, and behaviors are subjected to the scrutiny of this group. By doing this we inadvertently change the ancient wisdom to some modern form of liberalism, where, in order for the belief, value, or practice to be protected under the global regulation of human rights, it must fit certain moral, political, and ideological criteria. This criterion is assembled using the same methods of thought upon which colonialism was built, where one group found their ideas superior to those they encountered. Assuming superiority of thought and moral standing, the new diversity pushes an agenda that eliminates true diversity. Using the same logic as colonialism, we hide behind language like solidarity, diversity and unity. Unfortunately, in order to stand in solidarity, those who are recognized victims of oppression must acknowledge the shared experience of all other recognized victims. What is missing is the acknowledgement that the very nature of this imposes certain beliefs, ideas, thoughts, and values on those who are already oppressed by a system that imposes its beliefs, thoughts, ideas and values. A member must fit into the category of recognized victim, must stand in solidarity with other victims, and must identify as a victim or an ally in order to be recognized as a valid member of the new diversity. Those who fit into the new diversity must either submit to a system of oppression within a group of supposed allies or stand alone under the pressure of neoliberalism.