I believe our natural state is health toward which we constantly strive. Sometimes, we encounter situations that interrupt this process. These interferences can occur at any point during our lives, and they sometimes leave us searching for ways to cope. There are many ways to heal, and I approach psychotherapy from a contemplative lens. I specialize in healing through a humanistic approach whereby I work with clients to uncover the wisdom of their true essence. I use tools such as talk therapy, narrative therapy, writing, and tarot toward this effort. I aim to create a space that welcomes authentic being. I offer myself as a witness and serve as companion who will sit with clients through moments of darkness, and together we may discover the light.

My focus is mental, emotional, and spiritual health and wellbeing with an emphasis on racism, medical trauma, and parenthood.

As we are in the wake of the Civil Rights Movement, many things have shifted and yet the societal injury of racism still exists. At this time, political correctness is at the forefront of race relations. In some ways, it masks the truth of what manifests in the cultural psyche. Healing this trauma requires an understanding of its magnitude, along with compassion, forgiveness, and patience. These wounds effect our entire society, not just those typically labeled victim or oppressed. In order for us, as a people, to move toward health, we must first identify, understand, and then begin to heal these underlying wounds.

Having had difficult medical experiences, I understand firsthand how physical health can impact mental and emotional wellbeing. I also understand how medical trauma can open to spiritual transformation.

As a mother and grandmother, I appreciate many of the challenges that parenthood can present.

It is my belief that through healing we can transform ourselves and in turn society.

Isha Lucas, PhD, LPCC