more on diversity

I once believed that diversity was important to promote. I believed that the teachings in educational institutions lacked breadth and wisdom and I wished to contribute to its growth. I have come to cringe at the mere word. It no longer means what I once thought it meant, rather it seems to represent the promotion of progressive ideology. Certain people are included and others are excluded and the exclusion of those who think and believe differently is justified because the value system of progressive ideology assumes that certain beliefs are good and others are bad. This would not be a problem save the fact that it as a system is hypocritical. To promote diversity and exclude those who think, believe, and value differently is the representation of a lack of diversity. Within this same group there is the assumption that the semi-global civilization of the natives that took place during colonization was a terrible thing and yet the group who criticizes colonization is the very group who is “civilizing” the natives today.

The great white father is under attack and as the attack progresses I cannot help but feel deep sorrow for him. I feel sadness not because his karma is such that I feel he is being treated in an undeserving way but because the mass elimination of any group causes me a bit of distress. I know that his elimination can be justified, as he roams the earth claiming ownership and civilizing those who hold different values but the fact that he has now become a representative of the new out-group being systematically eliminated brings to question the idea of civilization and its place in the global society.

If the civilization of the natives is wrong and progressive ideology deems it so what the hell is going on? Why is it okay to insist that, not only must the nation accept, promote and protect certain behaviors while punishing those who hold and act on different values and how is this spread around the world as a concern of global human rights? If this is not the same as colonization please tell me how it differs? The great white father knows best; he believes that what he values is best for everyone. He is the protector and the one who promotes civilization. He knows what practices are good and bad and he enforces his values around the globe. The progressives now do the same thing. But, rather than admitting that they are the new rulers of the world they slip their beliefs in like poison. They teach the children what they believe is right no matter if it is in violation of the parent’s will and they craft the law to protect their ideals. The poison is sweet and sold as “the protector” the one who wishes for and creates diversity. They promote their opposition to the great white father and their solidarity with the natives. They offer a place at the table while excluding the host. In solidarity, the natives have no right to oppose this new rule and they are included to the degree that they will agree, condone and promote this liberal mentality. Those who oppose are considered bigoted, ignorant, unenlightened and the like.

The help, those who support the natives are helping in a similar way to that of the great white father during colonization. Only now, they use psychological warfare rather than physical force. This form of colonization feels much more dangerous to me. The great white father believed he was the ultimate ruler and that which he understood was categorically correct. The new progressives also believe they are the ultimate rulers and what they believe is unquestionably right but they are unwilling to admit it. Rather, they use language that hides the fact that they will not be challenged and anyone who challenges them is in direct violation of some global human right. Those who disagree are either self centered greedy capitalists, misguided natives who know no better or are merely acting from a place of misunderstanding rooted in patriarchal ignorance or are just plain old ignorant with no hope of redemption.

The exclusion of these people from the pool of diversity creates quite a closed system. It lacks diversity and it lacks imagination. I agree that the great white father must be balanced but we are moving far from balance and instead colonizing the minds of those who create true diversity. The desire for a monoculture is not the problem that I have but rather it is the lie that is told and the poisonous way that it is promoted. I do not feel in solidarity with those who claim they are considering me. I too am evil and bigoted but I am curious to know what you plan to do with us? What do you plan to do with those of us who do not agree? If we refuse to be silenced how will you handle our dissent? The great white father has been silenced and his aggression is seeping out in obscure ways. He, like many of the natives, will probably survive but his survival will bring with it a host of dysfunctional reactions. We are creating monsters and the longer we attempt to silence us the more horrific will be our reemergence. People complain about President Trump but fail to see how they have created him. He is a mirror for us and if we continue to deny our responsibility for him and what he represents we will find ourselves in quite a predicament down the road. He reminds me of the black ghettos. The more you repress the greater the dysfunction that arises once it finally escapes.