the modern slave

The slave will cut his mother’s throat for his master, as his obsession with his trinkets will eat his soul; but his loyalty is to self alone. He is not loyal to his lord, no, he will cut him too, when given the chance, his only allegiance is to the obsession. He covets his ruler’s power and yearns for what he thinks is freedom. But he is a fool, his owner is bound by his compulsion to consume and the master is no freer than his slave. They are tethered by mutual ignorance and they would poison their kin for a dollar bill. No difference between them, the master poisons the nigger and the nigger poisons the nigger. They see their destruction as success building confidence upon it. He sees himself as king, he is better than the junkie who he got hooked and the prostitute who fucked him for a dime. Living in the gutter with a Mercedes-Benz, he is the ruler now. He, a king enslaved, who worships the shackles and begs for chains.